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The right format for every mobile device!


Apart from the ordinary computer a lot of other mobile eReading devices are available. We will supply you with the reading material that you are looking for.








TabletSmartphoneRead on tablets and smartphones:



Of course you can use the eBooks also on tablet PCs, smart phones and other mobile devices with the operating system Android (Google) and IOS (Apple).


You can find appropriate reading software here.




We offer the most popular eBook formats:


The information about the available format is displayed with every title. Here is the overview of all the formats that are generally available:


The layout of eBooks in PDF-format is equivalent to the print book. That is why it is well-suited for all devices with big screens, namely PC, MAC oder Laptop.
The text of eBooks in EPUB-format automatically reflows and adapts to screen size of the device. Thus EPUB is especially well-suited for mobile eReaders (e.g. Tolino Reader,Kobo Reader, or Smartphones).




Read Online

Read Online is another way access your eBooks:

The eBook can be read online immediately without carrying out a download. This function offers every user the possibility to read his eBooks online from virtually every computer with an internet access.

Here you can find further information about Online Reading.