Knowledge and Action

by: Dieter Frey, Heinz Mandl, Lutz von Rosenstiel (Eds.)

Hogrefe Publishing, 2006

ISBN: 9781616762995 , 204 Pages

Format: PDF, Read online

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Knowledge and Action


Understanding the relationship between knowledge and action is vital, because without knowledge there is often no action and because knowledge can strongly influence actions. However, there is often considerable inconsistency between knowledge and action, and the research available on this relationship is not widely known. This intriguing volume provides help, by summarizing the findings of the research group ""Knowledge and Action,"" which includes leading scholars from relevant areas such as social psychology, cognitive psychology, work and organizational psychology, educational psychology and developmental psychology.

The chapters included in this book examine the action-relevant function of knowledge in different areas, as well as investigating the effects that the acquisition of knowledge has on action in certain fields. The book looks at how knowledge is acquired, is converted into action, and can be maintained on a regular basis. Topics covered include: How knowledge of goals affects intentions and motivation, Effects of decisions and actions when searching for information, How self- and action-related knowledge affects learning and school performance, Influence of motivational knowledge on leadership behavior, and, Effects of realistic and unrealistic attributions. The new theoretical insights provided here have practical implications for improving teaching/training and the subsequent transfer of knowledge, as well as for helping employees and society as a whole to continuously learn and adapt.