Sociology of Intellectual Property in Sierra Leone

by: Mohamed Bangura

GRIN Verlag , 2019

ISBN: 9783346079442 , 31 Pages

Format: PDF

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Sociology of Intellectual Property in Sierra Leone


Document from the year 2018 in the subject Computer Science - Software, , language: English, abstract: The use of computer software as an aid in teaching is crucial in today's intellectual property world where technology seems to dominate every aspect of human social interaction and intellectual activities. In many parts of the world, computer has been adopted as significant tool in facilitating and fast tracking the many social activities that human beings conducted. In educational institutions people who were trained in the use of computers were employed to conduct administrative tasks involving the computation of students grades or establishing standardised database of students through the application of software that were installed into the computer hardware. The in-built characteristics of the computer system, such as its high speed and large storage capability, achieved through the invention of the integrated circuitry component called chips, accuracy and consistency in executing commands, and its unique ability to store and retrieve information, made its relevance highly enviable. Considering the significance of the computer, its use was then extended to the classroom where it was intended to aid teaching process. Since the functioning of the computer is made possible through the social interaction between the physical components called hardware and the non-physical components called software, efforts were stepped up in inventing a range of software. These softwares were then divided into two main categories, viz; system software and application software. The system software is a set of programmes that is used to control the hardware and software resources. It is the main social bridge between the hardware, software and the user. The operating system is a major type of system software without which the computer system can never function. It is the nerve center of the computer. The other type of system software is the utility software which is referred to as antivirus used primarily to track down and clean virus in the computer. The application software, on the other hand, are programmes made for performing specific tasks. The Personal Computer (PC), which is used by only one person at a time, is an integrated and compact system that features all of the elements and which is widely used today. The personal computer uses the processor and memory as two intertwined components, with the processor likened only to the brain of human be, it organises and carries out instructions that come from either the user or the software.