Mac OSX Developer Guide

Mac OSX Developer Guide

by: Jesse Feiler

Elsevier Reference Monographs, 2001

ISBN: 9780080510521 , 594 Pages

Format: PDF

Windows PC,Mac OSX Apple iPad, Android Tablet PC's Palm OS, PocketPC 2002 und älter, PocketPC 2003 und neuer, Windows Mobile Smartphone, Handys (mit Symbian)

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Mac OSX Developer Guide


Mac OS X, Apple's newest operating system for the Macintosh platform, is profoundly different from its earlier versions because of its similarity to the UNIX operating system. For developers writing software for OS X this means adjusting to two new environments to create applications and to access the enhanced features of the new OS, Cocoa and Carbon. Cocoa is an object-oriented API in which all future OS X programs will be written. Carbon is a transitional technology allowing compatibility of applications written for earlier versions of the Mac OS with Mac OS X.

Mac OS X Developer's Guide focuses equally on Cocoa and Carbon, guiding the reader through these technologies and showing how to write applications in both. It is the first book for Mac OS X developers written for those who are already working on applications, as well as new developers just getting started. It starts off describing the new OS and its development tools then focuses on specific programming issues, providing tips on making the transition from classic Mac OS code to Mac OS X.

* A guide for developers already writing applications as well as new developers just getting started
* Focuses equally on both Cocoa and Carbon environments
* Provides tips on transitioning from writing code for classic Mac OS to OS X
* References Apple online materials extensively, to keep developers up to speed on changes