The Road Most Traveled - My Journey With 'People of the Lie'

by: Bonnie Bull Ph.D

BookBaby, 2018

ISBN: 9781543927177 , 310 Pages

Format: ePUB

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The Road Most Traveled - My Journey With 'People of the Lie'


This book is about the shocking and powerfully tragic changes I have seen in this culture on my journey. The blatant discrimination I experienced early on is minor in comparison to the trends I see. A great deal of honor, the tenderness and humanity I witnessed throughout my life starting with my profound encounters with Fromm and Burdick have been lost. Using the narrative of my deeply personal, painful and costly life experiences I have written a book that hopefully vividly demonstrates the path we are on and offers a profound analysis and insight into the these trends. My dream is that the book will touch deeply some fellow travelers.