Super Fans - How To Create Unwavering Customer Loyalty

by: Purdeep Sangha EMBA

10-10-10 Publishing, 2017

ISBN: 9781772771749 , 200 Pages

Format: ePUB

Windows PC,Mac OSX suitable for all DRM-capable eReaders Apple iPad, Android Tablet PC's Palm OS, PocketPC 2002 und älter, PocketPC 2003 und neuer, Windows Mobile Smartphone, Handys (mit Symbian)

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Super Fans - How To Create Unwavering Customer Loyalty


UNCOVER THE SECRETS OF CREATING LOYAL SUPER FANS THAT WILL SKYROCKET YOUR BUSINESS You don't have to be an amazing marketing or sales person to grow your business. What if you could launch your business to a level beyond your dreams and never have to worry about losing customers again? Imagine having your existing customers transform into loyal SUPER FANS, who rave about you and your business? You will discover the secrets to creating Super Fans, a strategy that is taking average businesses to the top as leaders in their market.