Armas-of-the-Lake - Lonesome - Twosome - Lovesome

by: Georg von Rotthausen

epubli, 2017

ISBN: 9783745053579 , 100 Pages

Format: ePUB

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Armas-of-the-Lake - Lonesome - Twosome - Lovesome


An author encounters a male 17-year-old teenager on the little private beach of his property, lakeside - not entirely coincidental. The lad visits coming from across the lake, seeking contact in curiosity. It becomes apparent that the boy, in his ostensibly singular behaviour, is socially neglected, looking for a new male caregiver. The writer, liaised to a distinctly younger woman, inapparent in the beginning, and the boy slowly make friends with each other - finding out that they're able to talk and deal with each other quite outspoken. The boy does flourish, the unexpected contact does good to the childless wordsmith as well - professionally and personally. His liaison becomes more and more intensive, and the boy, by his new father figure, meets same-aged of both sexes and finally, after painful invectives in his past, his first great love. Being puzzled by a male friend, equally burdened, who is bi-curious, he at last won't let himself be led astray from the erotical way he'd chosen, after they mutually had been sipping the cup. In the end, some big surprise awaits the writer. - This tale may encourage all those who can wait for the real, real thing - disregarding age, or what they may have chosen for to be good for them in platonic or sexual relationship. And don't give a damn for prejudices or malicious gossip.

Studium der Neueren und Zeitgeschichte an der Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen. Seither tätig als freischaffender Historiker und Autor.