The Theory and Practice of Ontology

by: Leo Zaibert

Palgrave Macmillan, 2016

ISBN: 9781137552785 , 277 Pages

Format: PDF

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The Theory and Practice of Ontology


This book provides close examination of ontology and the work of Professor Barry Smith, one of the most prolific philosophers of the modern day. In this book numerous scholars who have collaborated with Smith explore the various disciplines in which the impact of his work has been felt over the breadth of his career, including biology, computer science and informatics, cognitive science, economics, genetics, geography, law, neurology, and philosophy itself. While offering in-depth perspectives on ontology, the book also expands upon the breadth of Smith's influence. With insights from renowned and influential scholars from many different countries, this book is an informative and enlightening celebration of all Smith has contributed to numerous academic schools of thought.

Leo Zaibert is Professor of Philosophy and Department Chair at Union College, USA. He has been visiting professor in several American and European universities, and serves on the editorial boards of the leading journals in his fields. His work centers around our responses to wrongdoing: blame, punishment, revenge, and forgiveness. He is the author of over 80 publications; including Five Ways Patricia can Kill her Husband: A Theory of Intentionality and Blame (2005) and Punishment and Retribution (2006).