Beyond Eden [distorting symmetree]

by: Julia Hölzl

GRIN Publishing, 2007

ISBN: 9783638784634 , 145 Pages

Format: PDF

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Beyond Eden [distorting symmetree]


Master's Thesis from the year 2006 in the subject Philosophy - Philosophy of the Present, grade: A (sehr gut), University of Innsbruck, 148 entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: 'Ainsi toute la Philosophie est comme un arbre, dont les racines sont la Métaphysique, le tronc est la Physique, et les branches qui sortent de ce tronc sont toutes les autres sciences...' This Cartesian scala praedicamentalis still re-presents the fundamental/ist traits of (western) philosophy with •a clear Grund with meta-physics as its roots •a set of narratives that constitute this foundation •and various disciplines, embedded in fragmentary dualities. As the roots nourish the tree, we share its hierarchical ontology: meta-physics. In order to de-form this arborescent symmeTree, the Grund is replaced by weak metaphysics- while the former represents the linear strive towards the ou-topian further (no future), the latter is the beyond (paradise now). While meta-physics has violent answers, metaphysics poses no(n-violent)questions. Evidently, this attempt requires an abandonement of the pleasant path of discursive/sym-metrical theory: Thus, in a second step the homogeneous roots are extracted by means of manifold rhizomes; eventual comPositions give way to event-ual and, therefore, non-violent TRANSitions.