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Summary & Study Guide - The Obesity Code - Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss

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Serpentine Road

3,99 EUR

Serpentine Road - Even after the release of Nelson Mandela and the promise of free elections, extremist groups terrorized South Africa, bombing churches, opening fire in bars and restaurants...

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Starting an Online Business All-in-One For Dummies

23,99 EUR

Being an online entrepreneur means more than just building a website-and this book breaks down everything you need to know to be successful. Inside, you'll get plain-English explanations and easy-to-follow instruction on online business basics, legal and accounting issues, website design...

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Support and assistance for all situations of life offers the category Self-Help. Whether for the Working World, School, Training or for the Relationship, Partnership, Marriage, Family, Women, Parents and Children – the life repeatedly raises new questions and problems for which there are here guides, tips, hints and recommendations. Of course the physical and mental Health, Nutrition, physical and mental Fitness is also important. It is also about Soft Skills for Job, Working and Career and about Law, Money and Finance. You can read the eBooks with the ciando eBook Reader App on Smartphones and Tablets. You can read the eBooks as ePUB or PDF file on your eReader, Notebook or PC. You can read the books online as well.


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