In the sapils galaxy

by: Ivan Glemba, Andrey Prokhorenko

Maximilian Verlag, 2019

ISBN: 9783966103749 , 622 Pages

Format: ePUB, PDB

Windows PC,Mac OSX suitable for all DRM-capable eReaders Apple iPad, Android Tablet PC's Palm OS, PocketPC 2002 und älter, PocketPC 2003 und neuer, Windows Mobile Smartphone, Handys (mit Symbian)

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In the sapils galaxy


The novel 'In the Galaxy of Sapils' is the second book of the series 'When the cosmos was alive'. Mador after the adventures on the planet Wade, winning the main prize by his father in the tournament is sent as part of the expedition to the galaxy Sapils in search of the inheritance of Ashenul Vizark. Arriving on the planet Tuirn, Mador adapts to new conditions, learns and prepares to search for an inheritance. The invasion of the Capils invaders is changing the plans of Mador and the expedition from Enochen. Madora unexpectedly for everyone, instead of searching for an inheritance, in order to win the decisive battle, it is necessary to lead the coalition forces in expelling the uninvited guests.